State-of-the-art QO-100 full-duplex transverter system

The LE016-R5 is a small transverter system that can be used to communicate via the QO-100 geo-stationary amateur satellite with use of a standard VHF/UHF transceiver radio.

More information about this satellite can be found at:

The LE016-R5 transverter system uses state-off-the-art electronics giving it a small form factor. The system is very flexible and can be set up in a matter of minutes. Due to its small form factor and wide supply range it is very useful as emergency communication device or as a backup radio system in remote areas.

The easy operation off this device makes it very valuable for educational purposes as well, where junior operators (under guidance of an licenced operator) can get in touch with satellite- and microwave communication systems at an early stage in their career.


Up-converter part  
Input freq. (N-connector) : 435 MHz
Nominal average input power : 5 Watt
Output freq. (SMA connector) : 2400 MHz
Minimum output power at 2400 MHz : 4 Watt
Down-converter part  
IF input freq. from LNB (F-connector) : 740 MHz
Output freq. SSB mode (F-connector) : 144.500 MHz
Output freq. DVB mode (F-connector) : 1.58 GHz
LNB reference freq. (F-connector) : Programmable (25.000 MHz default)
Transponder modes : Narrowband and wideband
Power supply range (9-pin DSUB) : 12 … 32 Vdc
System reference oscillator : OCXO ( ±10 ppb)
Aluminium milled enclosure : 10 cm x 10 cm x 3 cm
Weight : 650 grams


Extra features

  • Remotely switchable between narrowband and wideband mode
  • LNB supply regulator integrated, with over current protection
  • Completely waterproof system, included all connectors
  • High stability and ultra-low phase noise design
  • Temperature monitoring circuit integrated
  • Works with DJ7GP V2 antenna with modified LNB

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